In 2004, The Long Players began packing Nashville clubs and theaters with faithful front-to-back renditions of classic albums. The combination of The Long Players as "house band" with the amazing variety of guest artists they have enlisted over the last six years to bring these classic LP's to life has become a staple of Nashville's local music scene and has garnered national attention with feature news stories from NPR's All Things Considered, the AP Wire Service and Reuters / Billboard Magazine.

At each of the band’s public shows, The Long Players have chosen to take a portion of the proceeds and donate it to charity. On more than a few occasions, the money has gone directly to musicians to supplement health care expenses when insurance wasn’t enough.  At other times the money has been donated to organizations like Music Cares, The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Alive Hospice and others.

Despite ever-changing musical styles, The Long Players have proven adept at recreating the sound and feel of these classic records while their guest singers add their own spin to the songs. Every show becomes a new experience with the performance of a different record and with different guest vocalists. You won’t see the same show twice! Please join us for the next album we celebrate!!

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One of the most consistently popular bands in Nashville does not play country music, has no lead singer and doesn't plan to release an album. Instead, The Long Players perform classic albums, from beginning to end, before a live audience with all-star guest vocalists. Their shows have become a sensation in Music City.

The core of the band is Bill Lloyd (of the Nashville Country duo Foster & Lloyd), Steve Allen (of the LA Power Pop band 20/20), and Steve Ebe (of the Memphis Rock band Human Radio).

And for singers, the band has used many, from Allison Moorer when they did Neil Young's After the Gold Rush to Kim Richey and others for Sergeant Pepper'sAdrian Belew was part of the Blonde on Blonde show - with special guests Al Kooper and Charlie McCoy, who backed Bob Dylan on the original. The Long Players also have performed The Pretenders' self-titled album; The Band's second album; and Elvis Costello's My Aim Is True.

Many in Nashville say this is a different generation of players, who get together to blow off steam after 10 hours in the studios - a far cry from the days when Chet Atkins and Homer and Jethro used to lead jazz jams.

-- Craig Havighurst reports.


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